The information package for producers of building products on safe use of secondary materials is now available.

Soon you will find here an interactive version of the guide.

Stay tuned!

Guideline creator: ITB Building Research Institute, Department of Thermal Physics, Acoustic and Environment

The WP6 package is led by the Building Research Institute in Poland. The key activities carried out under the WP6 task will include increase awareness of CE practices and safe use of secondary materials among producers and other stakeholders. 

We will try to systematize knowledge and indicate normative obligations for producers and consumers who want to use recycled building materials in order to improve waste management and environmental protection. Project activities will also create space and enable national producers to exchange experiences in the field of circular economy during round tables and workshops. 

Conclusions from meetings with representatives of various groups of the construction industry will be reflected in the Information package for producers of building products on safe use of secondary materials. The content of the guide will contain the characteristics of the requirements for secondary materials, i.e. recovered and re-marketed materials and those recycled, in relation to the assessment of technical properties and their impact on health and the environment. The guide will include sections on legislation, standards and national requirements to help stakeholders improve their knowledge of the marketing of construction products containing secondary materials.