Exciting Update from CirCon4Climate Project Workshop in Prague!

We are excited to present the key highlights of our recent workshop in Prague on May 25th, hosted by the project leader – Czech Technical University in Prague. This workshop served as the second stakeholder consultation meeting within the CirCon4Climate project, which is backed by European Climate Initiative (EUKI). Over 20 professionals from the construction industry joined us to discuss and exchange insights on implementing circular economy principles to mitigate the environmental impact of construction.

During the workshop, we presented the first deliverables of our project, including guidelines about circular procurement, circular building strategies, selection of circular, low-carbon building materials, the safe use of secondary materials, and educational materials for universities.

Key Conclusions:
1. Circular Procurement Guideline: Participants emphasized the need for government assistance in public procurement, specifically mentioning relevant guidelines or regulations. The use of standards like the European taxonomy was highlighted to enable funding for future circular projects.

2. Circular Building Strategies: Participants stressed the importance of a checklist of design concepts during project initiation, including life cycle information and a database of reusable materials. The concept of “Building as a material bank” received significant attention, and the possibility of a national platform for reusables was discussed.

3. Selection of Circular and Low-Carbon Building Materials: Good practices were shared, such as using asphalt binders and thermal insulation in applications. The construction sector should address the rules of EPR to ensure the quality and reliability of recycled materials.

4. Safe Use of Secondary Materials: Participants emphasized the need for ongoing work to address skepticism surrounding recycled materials. Continued outreach and explanation to market participants are crucial for their accessibility and acceptance.

5. Best Practices and Educational Materials: The proposal received positive feedback. Engaging students as future specialists and providing practical advice through checklists were highlighted as valuable educational approaches.

We are grateful for the active participation and valuable contributions from all workshop attendees. The insights gained will play a crucial role in shaping the future direction of the CirCon4Climate project.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our journey towards a sustainable and circular construction industry.