🌍 Throughout the year, in CirCon4Climate project we achieved significant milestones:

✅ Kick-off Meeting: Commenced the project with a consortium-wide meeting in the Czech Republic.

✅ Online Presence: Launched the project’s website and social media platforms.

✅ Consultation Workshops: Conducted three consultative meetings regarding the content of our Guides. Workshops took place in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovenia, gathering industry leaders.

✅ Mid-year Consortium Meeting: Held a second consortium meeting in November, focusing on refining and discussing the Guidelines in their final stages.

✅ Guidelines Creation: Diligently worked throughout the year on five valuable and practical Guides covering:
– Circular procurement in the construction sector
– Circular building design strategies
– Circular and low-emission building materials
– Regional material cadastres
– Safe use of secondary materials.
At the year’s close, we proudly published these Guidelines in four languages (English, Polish, Czech, Slovenian). Accessible on our website.

✅ Active Engagement: Consortium members actively participated in numerous conferences and workshops, spreading knowledge on circularity in construction while advocating for our team’s initiatives.

2023 was a year of dedication and hard work for our consortium, culminating in the successful release of these pivotal Guides.

Kudos to the entire team for their consistent efforts! 💪