Boosting Circularity and Sustainability in Construction: Insights from the Pre-demolition Audit and Digital Material Cadasters Workshop

On March 26th, the Czech Technical University (CTU) in collaboration with the Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development (IOER) organized an insightful workshop focused on “Pre-demolition Audit and Digital Material Cadasters: Possibilities & Next Steps.” This event was a significant step forward in exploring how digital tools can enhance the circularity and sustainability […]

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Workshop on Circular Reconstruction: Bridging the Gaps in the Market

On March 20, 2024, the Institute of Circular Economy in Prague hosted a highly impactful Circular Reconstruction workshop. The event featured insightful presentations by CTU UCEEB representatives Jan Pešta, Barbora Vlasatá, and Nika Trubina, who shared their research on Whole Life Carbon (WLC) in the context of building reconstructions. Their findings emphasized the importance of […]

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CirCon4Climate’s 2023 Journey

#2023RECAP 🌍 Throughout the year, in CirCon4Climate project we achieved significant milestones: ✅ Kick-off Meeting: Commenced the project with a consortium-wide meeting in the Czech Republic. ✅ Online Presence: Launched the project’s website and social media platforms. ✅ Consultation Workshops: Conducted three consultative meetings regarding the content of our Guides. Workshops took place in Poland, […]

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“Circular Futures” Network meeting in Dresden

🌐 Delighted to highlight Georg Schiller from Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development (IOER) a pivotal contributor to our CirCon4Climate project, who recently shared insightful perspectives on circular urban solutions at the “Circular Futures” Network meeting! 🏗️ Georg, representing the institute, continues to be a driving force in our discussions on circular strategies for urban development, exemplifying our commitment […]

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CirCon4Climate Consortium Meeting in Lubljana – work progress and upcoming guidelines

The CirCon4Climate consortium has recently met in Ljubljana, Slovenia, all partners gathered to assess our progress and plan for the future. We worked hard to finalize our guidelines, a collaborative effort among all partners. These guidelines cover a wide range of topics, including circular public procurement, safe utilization of secondary materials, circular and low-carbon emission […]

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Building a Sustainability Future: an interview with dr. Agnieszka Sznyk on transforming the Construction Industry”

Sustainability and the Construction Industry 🌿🏗️ In the construction sector, up to 70% of demolition waste can be reused. However, in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovenia, most of this building materials ends up in landfills. The construction industry has a significant impact on climate change. Investing in sustainable technologies and their practical implementation holds […]

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