Soon you will find here the educational materials for universities.

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The materials’ creator: Czech Technical University in Prague, University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings

Work in progress…

You will be able to download the materials here
(available in 2024)

Educational materials for universities are published to disseminate CE principles and examples of good practice among students.

The circular economy brings new opportunities and challenges related to circular building design, predemolition audits, selective deconstruction, construction and demolition waste management, and activities resulting in a more sustainable built environment. To tackle these tasks, new competencies must be acquired among architects, engineers, developers, and public authorities. Thus, the educational materials aim to present an overview of the possibilities of applying the principles of circular economy in the construction industry. Moreover, the idea of the building as a material bank will be described, and readers will be informed about the possibilities of using products, structural elements, and materials from the building that can be subsequently reused or recycled. This will be concerning technical possibilities, properties, and national legislative requirements. In addition, the materials will describe the selective deconstruction process as a key process that leads to maximum use of structural elements and materials from the building.