The guideline on selection of circular and low-carbon building materials is now available.

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Guideline creator: ZAG Slovenia

Potentials for reduction of greenhouse gases are investigated for selected circular and low-carbon building materials through different case studies.

The goal of the Work Package – Selection of circular and low-carbon building materials – is to evaluate global warming mitigation potential in case of using different circular and low-carbon materials in construction sector. Activities within this work package will be conducted in following stages. In first stage, we will prepare a list of building materials, which are supposed to be circular and have relatively low global warming potential (e.g. low carbon footprint). In second stage, we will develop methods for environmental assessment of the building materials which undergo reuse/recycling considering refurbishment of the building. Actually, we want to improve methodological gaps in Life Cycle Assessment methodology. This methodology is commonly used for environmental assessment of products. In last stage, the new method will be tested on building materials defined in the first step. Special case study related with reuse or recycling of each building material will be considered.