The Circular Building Design Guideline is now available. Download the PDF version of the guide and read.

Soon you will find here an interactive version of the guide.

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Guideline creator: Czech Technical University in Prague, University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings

Knowledge on design strategies to increased circularity of buildings is summarized and further developed in guideline.

To accelerate and make the transition to a circular economy more effective, it is crucial to have an overview of the various strategies, principles, and possible tools whose implementation can bring successful solutions to the construction industry.  
This publication provides an overview of the principles of circular building design through the lens of 9R, including design for disassembly, reversibility, adaptability, reconfiguration, and spatial transformability, as well as an overview of possible tools for circularity feedback. By using these principles in building design, buildings can be easily disassembled, repaired, or adapted for new use, reducing the need for new materials and minimising the generation of construction waste.